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SMART Lesson Activities - SMART Technologies:
Blossom Learning: Lesson activities for every subject.
Google Search Engine for SMART Notebook files: Search by keyword, grade, subject, etc. with this custom search engine.
Pete's PowerPoint:
PowerPoint presentations and interactive activities for kids, by grade level and subject. SMART Board Lesson Podcast: The goal of this podcast to share lesson ideas that use technology to engage students in learning with a focus on SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboards between educators. Each episode will feature a lesson, a podcast, and user comments.
TSL Education

TeqSmart: (must create a free account to download)
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District Sites

Longwood Central School District: Lessons organized by grade level
Wichita Public Schools: View lessons by grade level (pre-k through high school) as well as lessons for foreign language and music.
Eanes ISD: How-tos and resources for SMART Training.
Center School District: Several literature studies (for younger grades) as well as lessons organized by grade level.
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Tips and Tricks SMART Learning Center: Create a free account to access self-paced online courses on various SMART hardware and software, Two-Minute Tutorials, quick-reference guides, hands-on practice guides, and other training resources.
SMART Toolkit Tips and Tricks:
Power your lessons with the creative potential of the Lesson Activity Toolkit. Discover new ways to build lessons that energize your classroom with these helpful tips, video tutorials and best practices.

CSDsmarties Blog: This a blog to help teachers and student better use the Smartboard technology. Although all subjects will be discussed, the primary focus will be teaching math with technology. Many of the posts will be VIP's or Virtual Instructional Plans that will describe how use the notebook software. Other posts will be videos of student work and models and discussions on how to unleash the power of a Smartboard.
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Fun Stuff & Interactive Websites

Jigsaw Planet:
Google Earth:
Tag Galaxy: *must have access to Flickr* Spelling Connections:
Proofreading -
Edheads - Activate your Mind!
Soft Schools:
Pic Lits - inspired picture writing:

Story Starters (Scholastic):

ViewAt - the world in panoramic:

Reading Games with Roy the Singing Zebra:

Virtual Keyboards:,

Simple Machines:

Halloween Resources

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