Overview of the SMART Board

Setting Up

The projector connects to the computer via a VGA/RGB cable, as usual.
The board connects to the computer via a USB cable - this is how the board receives power. If everything is working properly, the light on the side of the SMART Board should be green.


Orienting the Board

The SMART Board should be oriented whenever a "change in state" occurs. A "change in state" is defined as anytime the any of the three elements (projector, computer or board) is moved or changed. Orientation ensures that your touch is registered accurately when you are using the SMART Board.

There are several ways to orient the board.

1. Quick Orientation

Press and hold the Keyboard and Right Mouse button simultaneously.

2. System Tray Orientation

Right-click or press and hold for 3 seconds on the SMART icon in the system tray (blue square with white circle - when connected to the SMART Board this icon will not have a red x). When the menu appears, click Orient (when connected to a SMART Board, Orient will not be greyed out).